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Is a provider of storage services for document storage that comes with the application system (ROC@T), which serves to facilitate services to customers, so that customers can access
Core Services serves the physical storage and maintenance of geological rock (core) equipped with an online catalog searching and order tool. We provide a range of rock sample
Data Remastering is one of the business services which are very rarely owned by other companies. This business provides services for the creation of master data duplication
It is a data management service that focuses on the management of electronic data by utilizing IT technology and data communication. This business provides data protection for
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Core Information System (CIS) is a system to manage information from geological rock (core samples) which is very important in the petroleum industry. The advantage of this system is to have a complete and integrated information covering a variety of laboratory analysis of core samples, history of the well, well profile, well logs, lithologic formations which allows engineers to conduct individual well research or joint well research . The system is also capable of presenting information in an interactive and interesting forms of photographs, maps, well logs, along with attribute information of laboratory analysis of core samples. CIS is developed using Web GIS technology with standard RDBMS, and has a re-liable security system allowing customers to access the system from multiple locations securely


  1. By applying the ROC@T CIS application  system, customers will benefit :
    The availability of rock samples (core sample), well, and log information in a single integrated system will streamline the time for engineers to set up database (data preparation) for the purposes of an investigation
  2. The availability of integrated information between rock samples (core sample) information, well information, and well log information in a single system makes it easier for researchers to conduct various studies such as the study of individual well, the collective review of the potential field, the study of enhancement oil recovery (EOR), and or the study of the increased production of oil and gas.
  3. The integrated information of rock samples in the CIS is a vital and important information in the petroleum industry and is rarely obtained (generally stored in a well file), so that the CIS is a  significant supporting tool in research activities in the oil and gas
  4. The system developed in Web Base - GIS by adding GIS contour map can make it easier for researchers to know the location of the wells that are being the object of research through GIS maps. Such kind of information is very important for researchers because it can estimate the position of the well hole in the bottom, slope, or the culmination of the antiklinal / sinklinal where oil and gas are found.


  1. An easy searching way using several methods with well code as keywords
    - Searching through the list of wells by presenting the table of the list of wells (well list), available inthree ways of searching namely : exact phrase, and, or
    - Searching through GIS maps to designate the well location (GIS map) and then proceed with a model drill down to see detailed meta data.
  2. The view of well seen through the well viewer completed with interactive presentation of well  information through a system of  drill down (profile wells, wells lithology, formation, analysis of rock samples (core sample) and well log.
  3. The presentation of rock samples (core sample) information from the complete results of a
    comprehensive analysis of both laboratory and field analysis including information retrieval process of physical rock samples (core sample), and information analysis of rock (core) consisting of : core photograph, routine core analysis, special core analysis, sidewall core analysis, biostratigraphic analysis, CT & XRay Scanning, etc.)
  4. The information of rock samples (core sample) parameters, namely : porosity, permeability, and other figures in the tabulation and graphical presentation interactive to help researchers in making analysis.
  5. The presentation of well log information using the LAS format, so it can be used to compare parameter values of ​​porosity, permeability, and others resulted from log analysis compared with the parameters of rock samples (core sample) resulted from laboratory analysis.
  6. The system is equipped with supporting information regarding drilling activities to know the history of drilling and rock samples (core sample) taking from the related wells (drilling reports, drilling equipment, drilling mud, drilling problems).
  7. The system developed in Web Base - GIS enables researchers to conduct research in a working group. The availability of facilities point to map facilitates researchers to look at well locations through GIS maps.
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