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Is a provider of storage services for document storage that comes with the application system (ROC@T), which serves to facilitate services to customers, so that customers can access
Core Services serves the physical storage and maintenance of geological rock (core) equipped with an online catalog searching and order tool. We provide a range of rock sample
Data Remastering is one of the business services which are very rarely owned by other companies. This business provides services for the creation of master data duplication
It is a data management service that focuses on the management of electronic data by utilizing IT technology and data communication. This business provides data protection for
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Flash XML Photo Tab, ActionScript 3

ROC@T RFID is an application system used to manage assets (asset management).This system applies RFID technology which is typically used as a tracking device (automated asset tracking) or the detection of the asset. This RFID technology has advantages over conventional barcodes such as durability, ease and speed in reading data.

The superiority of ROC@T RFID as a system in managing assets is that it works automatically and integrated among tools, processes and users in notifying real time information as well as being able to record historical asset tracking

Hardware Feature

• Powerful scanning capabilities
• Scanning capability to penetrate boundaries and the like
• Leaner shape of tools

Software Feature
• The ability to detect the direction of movement of objects (in the room or out of the room)
• Integrated with control access
• The ability to detect who the right person is to bring the right object
• More recent security against the misuse of : Audio / Visual, email, SMS)
• More detail reports


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