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Is a provider of storage services for document storage that comes with the application system (ROC@T), which serves to facilitate services to customers, so that customers can access
Core Services serves the physical storage and maintenance of geological rock (core) equipped with an online catalog searching and order tool. We provide a range of rock sample
Data Remastering is one of the business services which are very rarely owned by other companies. This business provides services for the creation of master data duplication
It is a data management service that focuses on the management of electronic data by utilizing IT technology and data communication. This business provides data protection for
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ROC@T Electronic Data Management System is a management application system that serves to digital document management. In the implementation, activities begin with the process of media transfer (scanning) to convert paper documents into digital documents referred as document imaging. The resultsof imaging documents are stored in the form of structured data (text data) and unstructured data.
EDMS was built to enable customers to search a large number of documents because it comes with searching facility by which the facility can be made in stages (advanced searching) as per customer
requirements. Another advantage in the management of digital documents is the ease of customers to access the documents directly from the customer's computer desks everywhere, anytime and it can be done fast (real time, anytime, anywhere).


By implementing application systems EDMS ROC@T customers will benefit :

  1. Storage of a large number of documents because the documents are stored in digital forms (theefficiency of storage space).
  2. Easy and fast access has an impact on the speed in supporting operational activities as well as
    supporting decision making for managerial level.
  3. Document update can be done quickly, and the distribution of documents can be done virtually
    through computer networks
  4. Reducing the risk of loss and damage to the document.
  5. Improving security because only certain customers who get the right access can view the
  6. All documents are stored centrally in the server thus it facilitates the maintenance of documents by making a backup.
  7. The same document can be accessed by different users at the same time
  8. Reducing the circulation of paper documents in office activities (paperless).

Facilities owned by the system ROC@T EDMS applications include :

  1. Ability to access documents digitallyDocuments are stored in the server filing system and they can  quickly be accessed by the  customers even by more than one customer at a time.
  2. The search for documents by grouping. Each document will be filed in group, for example : File name, Document name, Description. Customers can search for documents based on the profile.
  3. Reliable Database This database system is optimized to store static document data (not changing) which results in fast document searching.
  4. Access control Accessing documents is protected with password so that only authorized subscribers can access. Facility of upload / download documents An interface program with existing database associated with the archive.


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