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Is a provider of storage services for document storage that comes with the application system (ROC@T), which serves to facilitate services to customers, so that customers can access
Core Services serves the physical storage and maintenance of geological rock (core) equipped with an online catalog searching and order tool. We provide a range of rock sample
Data Remastering is one of the business services which are very rarely owned by other companies. This business provides services for the creation of master data duplication
It is a data management service that focuses on the management of electronic data by utilizing IT technology and data communication. This business provides data protection for
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Vessel Tracking Management System is a vessel tracking system with modem-based technology utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) and AIS (Automatic Identifi-
cation System). With the implementation of the GPS modem and AIS Base Station receiver, ROC@T VTMS become one complete system serving as a position monitoring device of the owned vessel position or the other ships around, with the aim to improve safety (to avoid collision), as well as efficiency of operations. ROC@T VTMS is equipped with the satellite image maps, ability to see and to track ships; displays information of specific ships; geofencing, and emergency button for emergencies.

The application of ROC@T VTMS is also very flexible so that customers can modify the display as desired such as: changing display information panel, changing the color pattern of AIS targets, and managing incoming and outgoing alarms to each customer specifically. Customers can also use multiple options of display screen to switch from the observation of vessel monitoring to the obser-vation of various activities in the port.

ROC@T VTMS has 2 (two) transmissions of data, they are :
1. Conventional radio by adding modem device on any vessel
2. AIS is in accordance with the international standards that every ship must use AIS

The application of ROC@T VTMS is very flexible, so customers can use one of the above transmissions or the merging of both transmissions. The application display of ROC@T VTMS can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The system provides :
• Name of Vessel
• MSI of Vessel / Vessel ID
• Position of Vessel
• Speed of Vessel
• Status of Vessel Engine
• Alarm
• Country of Origin Ship
• Playback / History of Vessel Journey
• Sensor Monitoring
• Panic Button

ROC@T Core Information System


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