PT Sigma Cipta Utama (SCU) which is a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (subsidiary of Pertamina) has been established since April 8, 1980. The business enterprise began with data management in the oil and gas industry. Consistent with the policy of the Holding Company Elnusa, SCU was appointed as the only sole subsidiary in charge of Data Management in Elnusa Group, since November 2007 PT Elnusa Telematika experienced in the field of telematics (since 1984) and PT Elnusa Rentrakom experienced in the field of telecommunications (since 1997), merged with the SCU to strengthen and complement the competencies and business enterprises in the areas of Data Management Services.

In the effort to embody the vision and mission of the company, where SCU intends to "Become a partner of the most reliable and trusted in the business of Integrated Asset Data Management particularly in the energy industry with the support of leading-edge ICT technology", the mission is to "Provide superior services in data management in a secure, accurate and quick way to deliver sustainable benefits and added value for our stake-holders", then the company implements professional performance culture to all employees with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

With the support of competent and skilled personnels and constantly upgrade its technology, advanced operating facilities, utilize modern technology, the implementation of the operating system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015 as Quality Improvement Policy with safe and comfortable work environment that fits industry standard HSSE, SCU is currently ready to be a reliable and trusted partner to support the business of its customers in the field of Data Management Services.

Management Structure


Ratih Esti Prihatini

Served as Commissioner of PT Sigma Cipta Utama since March 2022 until present. She got her Bachelor of Petroleum Engineer from Trisakti University (1991) and Master of Management from IPMI Business School (2004)



Adi Yatama Adi Guna

Served as Director PT Sigma Cipta Utama since July 2022 until present. He got his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Esslingen - Germany (2003).


This business provides a range of data management services including storage and supervision of physical data management which includes various types of data; hard copy documents especially documents of exploration and production, core samples, digital data in a variety of media such as magnetic tape, 9 tracks, 21 tracks, cartridges, etc. For geological rock management services there is a variety of physical services such as slabbing, resination, photo and others. Customers can also take advantage of reformatting and remastering services which is beneficial to replicate master data or to update old computer system format to the format of the present system.

For more information on types of business services of Data Management Services handled by PT Sigma Cipta Utama the main notices are as follows : Physical Data Warehouse, Core Services, Remastering, Remote Storage

Physical Data Warehouse

A bunch of solution for industrial stakeholder who needs storage space and its management services. Our warehouse will let your asset or data placed in aprominent space and easily accessed. This services supported by our warehouse management systems named Roc@t A subset of our warehouse business, we also provide a general warehouse services to store your general asset in to our most industrial compliance standards in your convenient way to accces by our Roc@t system

Core Services

An attempt to preserve all geological samples, we offer storage and management service for geological physical samples from the survey results and production in the oil and gas operation area. To make a deeper analysis, laboratory for sample cutting/slab is available close to your assets


Our services in transforming data analog to digital into vector base format, coordinates and images is one other step to support your business. And the other step ahead is our efforts to maximize the value added to your data. Not limited to providing value-added data in digital data management, we also provide digital data management solutions in an integrated system, namely eDMS (electronic Data Management System) this system allows you to store, process and manage digital data in a centralized system with authorization of access rights

Remote Storage

Implementing our best practice and expertise in warehouse management system are our mandatory asset to replicate remote storage business on your storage premise. We ensure all your assets on the safe hands by our solution and qualified personnel on boards


National Data Repository

Plays a main role as an instrument to preserve national asset on Exploration & Production Data and to promote investments in the country by utilizing data to reduce the exploration, production, and transportation business risks. The NDR addresses some concerns for many industry and regulatory needs, such as :

  • Enabling all stakeholder to have an easy accesson any petroleum activityrelated information
  • Elevating E&P data and assets to a maximum values derived from E&P data by leveraging all latest technology & methods
  • Comply to most relevant regulations and standards (national & international standard) to ensure only the highest possible treatment
  • The sustainable efforts on curation of E&P-related information and samples (geological samples, e.g.: cores, fluids, etc).


    Information Management Solutions

    Data Solution
    Data solution on Corporate data is such a huge asset for an organization, effective data management is critical to the success, and even to the survival of a business. A secure data repository system often enables an organization to make better decisions, boost productivity and efficiency, and keep all stakeholder better informed. Moreover, in many cases, a secure corporate data repository is necessary for compliance. In today’s datacentric world, employing a central data repository is a critical factor for the optimal operation of an organization’s business processes.
    Our corporate data management service covers as follow:

  • E&P Data Management (inameta)
  • Advance well data management
  • Digital Data warehouse
  • Data integrity
  • Automations process
  • Inter operability
  • Telemetri
  • Data Governance & Advisory
    Many organizations leverage data as corporate infomation & knowledge that enables secure, organized, and auditable content sharing with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. In many cases, problem arouse such as data standard issue, data quality, master data, integration & introperability and many more. Today, organizations are finding that an increase in both volume and complexity of compliance standards, coupled with a surge of regulatory action is presenting challenges across the whole organization. For the reason, we offer an advisory solutions to your business in solving data regulatory compliances


    Radio Communication & Tracking

    Radio Trunking
    Radio Trunking solution comes as support to your business as a strategic insrument to accelerate many communications process. Its solution comprises: Trunking/Conventional, Digital/ Analog. In many cases the scope service includes the provision of conventional communication via radio waves. It enables you to combine the functionality of two-way radio with digital technology and can be integrated with voice and data

    Vessel (vehicle) Tracking & Monitoring
    Monitor & track your fleet and simplify your processes' complexity. Gain full visibility. Know how your track should be optimised by getting all captured fleet paramater. It is aimed to get more efficients ways and Improved process in doing business

    Core Information System

    Core Information System (CIS) is a system to manage information from geological rock (core samples) which is very important in the petroleum

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    Electronic Data Management System

    Electronic Data Management System is a management application system that serves to digital document

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    Vessel Tracking Management System

    Vessel Tracking Management System is a vessel tracking system with modem-based technology utilizing GPS

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    Vehicle Tracking Management System

    Vehicle Management System is a vehicle monitoring application that uses satellite, GSM,

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    Electronic Data Management System

    Electronic Data Management System is a management application system that serves to digital document

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    Enterprise Computing

    Enterprise Computing is a mechanism to streamline the delivery of IT services through computers, storage,networks and other basic computer

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    A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy.

    Our Client

    Quality, health, safety and Environment

    PT Sigma Cipta Utama prioritizes Quality, health, safety and Environment aspects in workplace. Our commitments are HSE is my culture, Equipment is my life and Cost Awareness is my attitude. Steps and measures have been taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment in the company. Those efforts have been rewarded the Zero Accident and ISO 9001-2015, ISO 9001-2015 KAN, ISO 45001-2018 KAN, ISO 14001-2015 KAN


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